Curating Your Wellness Journey with Amanda Chantal Bacon

Curating Your Wellness Journey with Amanda Chantal Bacon



Amanada Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice, reflects on her wellness journey, the power of adaptogens, and the holistic ways you can combat stress in your life.

Amanda Chantal Bacon reveals the backstory that led her to create the disruptive wellness brand Moon Juice from her kitchen. After introducing so many of us to the health benefits of adaptogens in her yummy supplements, skincare, and foods, we discuss why and how she redefines comfort foods in her new book, The Moon Juice Manual.

Show Notes:

  • Amanda was experiencing health concerns like autoimmune issues which led her to experiment with a new ingredients and natural approaches to manage her symptoms

  • When experiencing your own health symptoms, start with diagnostics so you have a touchpoint to use to help navigate what's working for you

  • For Amanda, prioritizing green veggies/juices, healthy fats, and adding adaptogens were all game changers for her health and reversing symptoms

  • Adaptogens have been used in different cultures for hundreds of years and they can help your body adapt to stress on a cellular level, Amanda's The Moon Juice Manual  outlines the different adaptogens and their specific benefits

  • Adaptogens still need to be paired with a healthy home, mental state, sleep habits, and nutrition, but they're an excellent add on to support health and stress


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