Why You Should Build Now and Think Later with Angie Lee

Why You Should Build Now and Think Later with Angie Lee



Angie Lee is a marketing powerhouse with go-getter genes to boot. She teaches women how to find their niche, sharpen their brand message, and show up authentically in public. Her Midas touch has created savvy online courses for budding entrepreneurs, a hilarious podcast called “The Angie Show - Ready is a Lie,” and the CBD line Soul. Not bad for a self-confessed “college and corporate dropout!”

We bond over business building, juggling side-hustles, and overcoming perfectionism and share the bio hacks which get us through our action-packed days.

Show Notes:

  • If you're building an online brand, it is critical to identify and communicate your niche in order for your audience to find you and know what problem you are going to solve for them

  • Don't go broad in what you offer with your brand until you've built that customer base and trust

  • Look to where your audience is spending time and looking for information, and pick your platform to focus on based on that

  • Angie started a wellness blog when she was 19 and then evolved it to sell online courses, the last 5-6 years have been spent focusing on marketing and helping others build their brands

  • When you're building a side hustle, it's okay if you need to keep the job that pays the bills for awhile, it will just take time until you can fully pivot over to doing what you love

  • When you are a person with ADD building structure in your life helps foster creativity. Task switching is tiring for your brain

  • Don't be attached to getting everything perfect, focus on consistently getting things done. Make it a habit to create every day, it doesn't have to be perfect, B+ work changes the world

  • Be yourself, everyone is looking for authenticity and people respond to that

  • People are looking for attainable aspiration, and it's all about finding that platform that is relatable but gives people an inspiring perspective

  • Angie's favorite biohacks for everyday are IV therapy, cold showers, B vitamins, nootropics, rebounding on a trampoline for lymphatic drainage, direct sunlight, LMNT for hydration, and focusing on sleep

  • Nootropics are cognitive enhancers, Angie uses Beekeeper's Naturals

  • Focus on one big goal at a time so you can give goals the focus they need

  • Angie looks for problems in the market and what she can create that will solve those for her audience


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