How to Take a Career You Turn with Ashley Stahl

How to Take a Career You Turn with Ashley Stahl



Renowned career coach and author Ashley Stahl shares her steps on getting clear about your career path and finding the job that’s right for your innate gifts.

Ashley Stahl is living proof that anyone can redirect their career – after leaving her job in counter-terrorism to become a thriving life coach. Her new book, "You Turn," offers a tangible toolkit to help you hone in on your skillset and express your gifts in the right way in the industry that aligns with you. 

This timely conversation is much more grounded than just "finding something you love" or any of the other cliche career quotes you can find on a coffee mug. Instead, it's about feeling into your desires, identifying realistic aspirations, and harnessing those core values to realize your dreams.

Show Notes:

  • Ashley worked in counter-terrorism before leaving that career to become an author and career coach

  • Do what you are, find where your strengths lie and explore what possibilities are out there that align and help you thrive

  • Don't just rely on looking at things you love, tap into your specific strengths and skillsets

  • You need to straddle the dynamics of what you do and the how you do it

  • Examine how you feel about different roles or opportunities, your natural gifts will help show you what you truly gravitate towards

  • A You Turn is being honest about what is not working in your career, and turning towards who you are to guide career changes or pivots

  • Core values are your non-negotiable principles that guide who you are, check in with yourself and those around you who know you well to help identify your core values and look for ways to make them part of your career in order to find career fulfillment

  • Understanding your own limiting beliefs and where they come from can help you break past behaviors that could be self-limiting


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