Getting Unstuck & Building Positive Habits with Dr. Austin Perlmutter

Getting Unstuck & Building Positive Habits with Dr. Austin Perlmutter



Doctor and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Austin Perlmutter, identifies the triggers that keep us “stuck” making less optimal decisions and reveals how we can create new neural pathways to rebalance your immune system and your mood.

Dr. Austin Perlmutter builds the bridge between traditional health education and execution by examining how our ability to make good choices, not only has a knock on effect on dietary decisions but on our mental health as well. When we know that fruits and veggies are the key to health, why do we still reach for the cake? And more importantly, how do we remedy this?

In this episode, we unpack how to get “unstuck” from the myriad of bad choices we’re subliminally pushed to make every day, and alter the trajectory of our physical and mental health. Dr. Austin outlines the small steps you can start today to conquer your immunity, minimize stress, inflammation, and depression by detoxing what’s inside your fridge – and what’s going inside your brain.

Show Notes:

  • We all have different habits and beliefs that can cause us to get “stuck” in routines that don’t serve our long term health

  • The first step to getting unstuck is getting new information and new ideas

  • We need to recognize that we are stuck in certain ways, and still doing or believing things that are not serving us

  • Get your brain in the right state from the beginning, sleep is key to health brain activity which will promote healthy decision making

  • Make a plan for how you want to implement the information you're gathering and take action to make gradual change

  • There are changes in the brain and body that impact our mental health, and some of Dr. Perlmutter's research examines immune molecules in our cells, and immunity and the microbiome have links to depression

  • Dr. Perlmutter advises avoiding processed foods, vegetable oils, added sugars, and artificial sweeteners

  • Instead of focusing on fads and supplements, focus on sleep, movement, and whole foods


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