Healing Hormone Chaos with  Dr. Aviva Romm

Healing Hormone Chaos with Dr. Aviva Romm



Dr. Aviva Room sheds some much-needed light on female hormone health and shows us how to bring our hormones back to homeostasis.

MD, midwife, and herbalist, Dr. Aviva Romm, is lifting the lid on the hidden hormone pandemic. With over 80% of American women reaching out to a doctor with hormone concerns, it’s a subject that needs to be front and center of the collective health conversation. Instead, all too often, women are overwhelmed by a spectrum of health issues swept under the rug – by society and the medical field – as part and parcel of “being a woman.”

Your gender is not a diagnosis. Painful periods and menopause, endometriosis,  PCOS, and fertility problems are cues telling us something is out of balance in the body. Thankfully, Dr. Romm is helping women self-assess their internal landscape, empowering us with the knowledge, data, and actionable steps to rewire our hormonal health. 

In this episode, she explains the symptoms to look out for from puberty to menopause, and the lifestyle tools to employ to nourish your body – and hormone levels – from the inside out.

Show Notes:

  • Hormone imbalances are pervasive: 80% of women seek help from a medical professional for hormone imbalance and 1 in 6 women struggle with their fertility

  • Many medical professionals are not taught methods of treatment that address the root causes of these issues

  • Aviva is passionate about addressing lifestyle factors that help women live with their hormones in balance

  • Period pain shouldn't be so bad that it causes you to refrain from your usual activities, it can often be from underlying inflammation or too much estrogen

  • Aviva recommends a whole foods, plant based diet with limited added sugar, this will help your body operate optimally and will help regulate hormones

  • Our biggest endocrine disruptors are coming into our bodies through food, through things like pesticides

  • Check out Environmental Working Group's Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen to help advise which foods to prioritize purchasing organic

  • Try to get off or your electronics at least an hour before bed and aim to sleep for at least 7 hours per night

  • Look at the plastic in your household items and try to select reusable, plastic free options


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