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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a good book to wind down with. You know I’m all about reading the latest nutrition research and diving into topics about improving health and wellness, and a lot of the books I read are health-centered as well. Of course, wellness extends far beyond nutrition and my favorite books also include subjects and stories outside of the nutrition world. 

As you add new titles to your reading list, I’ve got a few Be Well Favorites for you to consider picking up next. 

  • Fiber Fueled* is a fascinating book that dives deep into the world of your microbiome and how to care for it well by including plenty of fiber and leafy green veggies - sound familiar? This book definitely speaks my language! Dr. Will Bulsiewicz unpacks the importance of a fiber-packed diet for gut health and a flourishing microbiome. Your gut impacts so many other components of your health, and this is a must-read to help get yourself on the right track to a healthy gut. 

  • The Gift of Forgiveness* is full of wisdom about the challenging world of forgiveness. We’ve all experienced forgiveness and know it can be freeing, but it’s not always easy to extend. This book highlights stories of people who have forgiven the unthinkable and will open your mind to what a life of grace and peace can look like. 

  • Cleo Wade is a beautiful writer and poet whose words have been especially inspiring and helpful given the recent challenges of the world. Her books, Where to Begin* and Heart Talk*, are both full of poems and mantras to encourage you throughout your day. 

  • In The Flo* guides women through living in sync with their natural hormonal cycle. Through her practice and her books, Alisa Vitta has helped women to optimize their nutrition, fitness and overall wellness by working with their female biochemistry (aka their menstrual cycle) rather than against it. In The Flo offers incredibly unique advice and wisdom for women of all ages.  

  • Sacred Cow* is a book by my friends, Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf. This book delves into the controversial topic of eating red meat. Traditional healthcare tells us to avoid red meat at all costs because of its link to many chronic health conditions. However, there is plenty of research to show this a common misconception. I recently chatted with Diana and Robb on the podcast about Sacred Cow, their research, and their perspectives on nutrition. Like I said, this is a controversial topic but their book and our podcast chat will give you a chance to consider all the research that’s available. 

Have you already read any of these? I’d love to hear your thoughts on them! Comment below and tell me your favorite books I can add to my list as well.