Bonus Episode: Kelly LeVeque on Off The Record

Bonus Episode: Kelly LeVeque on Off The Record



In celebration of Be Well By Kelly hitting the massive milestone of 2 million downloads, we’re releasing two bonus episodes this week, sharing interviews I did on two other podcasts. This interview first broadcast on the Off The Record podcast, where host Annie Tevelin, founder of the beauty and skincare line SkinOwl, dug in deep into my birth story with Sebastian, which went far differently from how I ever expected.

You will learn about...

  • A day in my life as a newborn mom

  • Telling the story of Bash’s birth

  • The takeaway from that experience

  • The factors that contributed to my success

  • Silencing the negativity

  • Being forgiving and gentle with yourself

  • My fab 4


This episode originally aired on the Off The Record podcast with Annie Tevelin.

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