Bonus Episode: Kelly LeVeque on Whiskey & Work

Bonus Episode: Kelly LeVeque on Whiskey & Work



In celebration of Be Well By Kelly hitting the massive milestone of 2 million downloads, we’re releasing two bonus episodes this week, sharing interviews I did on two other podcasts. This interview first broadcast on the Whiskey & Work podcast, where my friend Kelsey Murphy and I both open up about emotional experiences we’ve had in 2020 and give a sneak peek into our personal lives. This is a conversation about what’s truly important in life.

You will learn about...

  • The events that started 2020 for us

  • Making difficult decisions

  • Shifting your priorities and making space for the things that matter

  • Giving people the shortcuts instead of the science

  • The difference between writing a book and making a course

  • The importance on editing and narrowing down


This episode originally aired on the Whiskey & Work podcast with Kelsey Murphy

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