Setting Boundaries & Finding Freedom with Nedra Glover Tawwab

Setting Boundaries & Finding Freedom with Nedra Glover Tawwab



Boundaries expert and licensed therapist, Nedra Glover Tawwab, has helped thousands of people reclaim their sovereignty by setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care to feel safe, seen, and secure by those closest to them.  

It’s harder said than done. Often our default setting is centered around a destructive cycle of fulfilling obligations, making assumptions, and people-pleasing. Although cutting the cord and learning how to say no can inflict a sense of shame or guilt, boundaries are a crucial expression of self-worth, happiness, and fulfilling relationships.

We chat about the different ways you can vocalize your needs and expectations in everyday life and how her brand new NYT best-seller, Set Boundaries, Find Peace, offers a step-by-step roadmap to creating boundaries and finding personal freedom.

Show Notes:

  • Nedra is a therapist and saw a common thread of her clients having trouble making and keeping boundaries in relationships

  • Boundaries are parameters you set with yourself and others, they can be verbalized or shown by taking action

  • You can't assume that people know your boundaries, sometimes they don't know what our expectations are and it's okay to share

  • Try sharing boundaries by just giving a 1-2 sentence direct statement, adding too much context can muddle our boundaries

  • Setting boundaries when you have kids includes choosing habits and routines that engage your energy and carves out time to take care of yourself

  • Structure your nourishing routines around when you have the most energy, whether you are a morning person or more of a night owl

  • Lack of boundaries can lead to anxiety if we're consistently putting ourselves into circumstances we don't want to be in

  • Enmeshment is when there are no differences between two people in a relationship, and any differences might lead to problems. Nedra works to encourage families who are experiencing this to celebrate and nurture personal differences

  • We can't make people do anything, but we can be direct and change our own patterns to protect boundaries and honor our energy

  • Preventing burnout means being aware of our boundaries and learning to stick with them and saying "no" sometimes


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