Join the Health Revolution with Chris Kresser

Join the Health Revolution with Chris Kresser



Leading clinician, top educator, and New York Times bestselling author, Chris Kresser, shares how he creates balanced internal and external environments for him and his family. 

Chris Kresser is a renowned expert and pioneer in the burgeoning field of functional medicine. His mission is to help people reverse chronic illness, reclaim their health, and declutter distractions – especially those revolving around bright glowing screens. 

In this episode, he paints a realistic picture of what a balanced lifestyle can look like for you and your family and how you can inject conscious intentionality into a more meaningful life.

Show Notes:

  • Chris practices a "paleo template" approach to guide his eating, but he is not dogmatic and enjoys some fermented dairy and occasional gluten free grains

  • Environmental toxins are a big concern as the amount we're exposed to continues to grow, and many compounds are introduced with an "innocent until proven guilty" approach

  • (Environmental Working Group) is a helpful resource for finding nontoxic swaps

  • Indoor air is often far more polluted than outdoor air due to the concentration of biotoxins, and ridding your home of those products in addition to air filtration and opening windows makes a huge difference

  • As a parent, Chris only brings food into the home that he would support his daughter eating, and family style meals help her dictate some of her own intuitive food choices, choosing from healthy options

  • Chris and his wife believe in strongly limiting screen time for both themselves and their child, "make offline the default"

  • Cal Newport's work has guided Chris' approach to technology and its role in his life and work


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