Optimize Your Life & Unleash Your Potential with David Nurse

Optimize Your Life & Unleash Your Potential with David Nurse



Optimization life coach, podcast host, and author, David Nurse, gives us a hands-on breakdown of mindset strategies that can unlock the life you’ve been dreaming of – today.

David Nurse’s key to success involves adding small pieces and practices to your life that help you prioritize relentless consistency over flash-in-the-pan gestures. He teaches us that optimizing your routine – from the way you look and address yourself in the mirror, to enabling visual cues to actualize your dreams – can profoundly shift your perspective in ways you’ve never imagined. 

David has coached over 150 NBA players on their personal and professional development, both on and off the court. So, if you’re looking to make a leap to the big leagues, David is your guy. Tune in to learn how to pour into your purpose and actually live the life you’ve been vision boarding.

Show Notes:

  • David works with people, primarily NBA players, to optimize all areas of their lives, starting with mindset

  • We have to counteract our negative thoughts and things like imposter syndrome, David uses his hands to physically "wipe away" negative thoughts and self doubt

  • The best leaders support and challenge others, and have a mindset focused on serving others

  • Relentless consistency is serving others and doing habits that lead to success daily, and the longer you put in that time, the more success you'll have

  • Know what your "committed" parts are in life, and then funnel every opportunity to evaluate if it supports the goals that you are committed to

  • The "time pizza" is visualizing the 24 hours of the day and where your time is currently allocated, and it's helpful to see if you can ramp things up or if you need to be dialing it back


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