Exploring Beauty & Inclusive Wellness with Denise Vasi

Exploring Beauty & Inclusive Wellness with Denise Vasi



Denise Vasi has always refused to be put in a box. As a highly successful model, actress, and the founder of Maed, an inclusive wellness community, she has continuously sought to carve out a space that allows her to shine fully. 

Motherhood flipped a switch for Denise, and she began exploring – and sharing – her experience as she sought to detox her skin, body, and surroundings while being an inspirational and intentional mother to her daughter and son. Her content struck a chord with her ever-evolving, online community, and Maed was launched (from her bathroom) in 2018. 

She reveals the secrets to self-care and mindful beauty that she inherited from her grandmother and how she creates time for herself, despite a jam-packed schedule. Plus: how she kicked dietary devils from her household and why her journey to radical self-acceptance is the most beautiful thing of all.

Show Notes:

  • Growing up as a model, Denise focused her relationship with her body on viewing it as a tool for her career, and didn't obsess with changing it

  • Becoming a mom helped motivate Denise to reevaluate what she was putting in her body and on her body, and she became passionate about clean living

  • Each day Denise makes sure she has quality time with her kids, but also prioritizes work on Maed and self care

  • Gua sha is a facial massage tool that Denise loves and recommends, it can release facial muscles and tension

  • When transitioning to clean beauty, look at the brand holistically, pick a product to start with and slowly transition products one by one

  • When feeding her kids, Denise like to have a conversation with them about how they want to feel and helps them make informed decisions and tune into what their bodies want

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