Keto Nutrition for Health & Healing with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino

Keto Nutrition for Health & Healing with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino



Dr. Dominic D'Agostino brings his ten years of ketosis research to this episode dedicated to the various therapeutic and health benefits of utilizing ketones.

The OG keto expert, Dr. Dominic D'Agostino, has spent the past decade researching and developing metabolic-based strategies for targeting CNS oxygen toxicity (seizures), epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. 

He articulates the science behind ketosis, bringing solid evidence that ketones can prevent neurological disease. He also illustrates the logistic benefits a ketogenic diet can provide when measuring exercise performance, energy levels, and regulating blood glucose. 

We round out this science-stacked show with the applicable takeaways you can implement in your daily routine to improve your metabolic health.

Show Notes:

  • Dr. D’Agostino studies nutritional ketosis, a low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate protein diet

  • Ketogenic diets promote fat burning in the body, as opposed to burning glucose as a fuel source, the suppression of insulin helps the body create ketones

  • Ketones create adaptations in the body, including things like an anti-convulsive effect (can help prevent seizures in those prone to them)

  • Ketones in the body can have therapeutic impacts and Dominic researches many of the impacts of ketosis on various health conditions

  • Ketone supplements can augment some of the therapeutic effects of ketosis

  • .5mmL is the threshold level to be considered "in ketosis", 2-3 millimolar is the therapeutic range for ketosis

  • ReadOut health by Biosense is a great tool that tests ketones in breath

  • is a great resource for finding the latest clinical trials

  • Dr. D’Agostino uses a Continuous Glucose Monitor to self experiment and to see how his blood glucose reacts to certain foods, stressors, or training

  • Ketone salts and apple cider vinegar can both help blunt postprandial glucose spikes when consumed before eating

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