The Foundation of Wellbeing Starts with Your Plate with Dr. Allison Hull

The Foundation of Wellbeing Starts with Your Plate with Dr. Allison Hull



Dr. Allison Hull brings awareness to the connection between food, metabolic health, and emotional wellbeing and explains how her 12-step program can help you create long-lasting habits for you and your family.

If you could find a diet that didn’t make you or your family feel hungry or “hangry,” why wouldn’t you choose it?

Adult internist,  pediatrician, and founder of Well-Being, Dr. Allison Hull, lifts the lid on real ketogenic nutrition that empowers our bodies and minds to make the right food decisions without feeling like we’re making sacrifices. Her comprehensive 12-week program re-routes our relationship with food, hunger, and feelings through cognitive behavioral therapy training and CGM biofeedback. 

We delve into sustainable weight loss, the causes of fatty liver disease, and the cerebral benefits of fitness and debunk myths around keto eating so you can create the healthy food foundations that will serve for generations to come.

Show Notes:

  • A milk and soy protein intolerance for her child helped drive Dr. Hull to explore what is really in the food that we eat and that the low fat phenomenon is not optimal for health

  • In her pediatric practice Dr. Hull examines children's growth curves to advise their nutrition strategy, and encourages parents to model healthy behavior for their children

  • Using a continuous glucose monitor really supports behavior change by showing intrinsic responses in real time to allow people to better bridge their food choices with metabolic outcomes

  • Dr. Hull created a study looking at metabolic markers before and after a 12 week health program, with two groups, one with and one without continuous glucose monitors

  • Fatty liver is ultimately a result of elevated glucose levels, and a low carbohydrate, real food diet that controls glucose levels is a helpful approach when faced with fatty liver or a risk of developing fatty liver

  • Continuous glucose monitors help individuals identify which foods provide the largest glucose responses, and those foods can vary a lot among individuals

  • Gluconeogenesis is when the body takes amino acids and converts them into glucose forms, so that is how glucose can be raised without consuming glucose, for example, strenuous exercise can cause this conversion to take place and for glucose to be temporarily elevated

  • Dr. Allison's 12 week program couples gut healing with goal setting and then helps teach behavior tools for dealing with unhealthy urges

  • After nailing the foundation, Dr. Hull likes to move participants into ketosis to experience it and then finding personalized long term plans

  • Dr. Allison believes in creating a tribe and identifying a purpose in pursuing wellbeing, and these elements will truly transform results

  • For her children, Dr. Allison doesn't feed them gluten at home and focuses on protein and fruit at dinnertime


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