Start a Family Food Revolution with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple

Start a Family Food Revolution with Dr. Ana-Maria Temple



Award-winning pediatrician and author, Dr. Ana-Maria Temple, declutters the family pantry and outlines the actionable steps you can implement to improve your family's health and happiness.

Dr. Ana-Maria Temple's personal journey is an inspiring pain-to-purpose tale so many mothers out there can relate to. Exhausted from the dead end approach of traditional medicine to treat her young children's allergies, asthma, and severe eczema, she purged her family pantry, much to the disapproval of the medical and mommy world, and transformed her family's food and lifestyle habits. She single-handedly turned everything around in five years, and today, she helps hundreds of patients implement changes that solve the root cause of so many chronic illnesses. 

We unpack how the standard American diet (doused in dairy, gluten, stress, and unnecessary distractions) created a generation of burned-out kids. Plus, you'll get the health tricks and information you need to rebuild the health of your entire family – one plant point at a time!

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Temple's children were suffering from eczema and asthma, and Dr. Temple refused to turn to daily medication as the long term answer

  • Eczema is a mirror of what the gut health is looking like

  • It's important to work on rebuilding the gut through diet, and you can't just add supplements to get out of gut issues

  • A great way to reframe meals is to take away boundaries of what foods you can eat at different times, try eating dinner food at breakfast to make an elimination diet easier

  • Stress, electronic usage, and chemicals in the environment also play a big role in the presence of eczema

  • Moving to New Zealand helped Dr. Temple realize that their family's pace was unsustainable, and they realigned to slow down and prioritize family time more

  • Make small swaps and take slow steps towards cleaning up the food that you and your family eat, don't add stress to it and prioritize your mindset

  • Dr. Temple uses "Plant Points" to motivate her kids to eat plants based foods at every meal


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