Breaking Down Histamine Intolerance with Dr. Becky Campbell

Breaking Down Histamine Intolerance with Dr. Becky Campbell



It took years of trial and error for Dr. Becky Campbell to discover she suffered from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, a condition which meant her body couldn’t break down histamines. Certain foods – even the “healthy” ones – would leave her with a crippling migraine or feeling exhausted. Extreme heat and cold were also big no-nos. 

The game changed when she began to explore histamine intolerance through a functional lens. She cured her body and formulated the four phase histamine reset plan that helps you identify your lifestyle and food triggers and eliminate the ingredients causing you to feel bad. 

We discuss how you can spot if you have histamine intolerance, the dietary steps that will combat a myriad of issues such as vertigo, allergies, migraines, and the supplements that can support your system. Plus, we explore the link between COVID-19 and histamine intolerance issues, and how functional medicine can treat thyroid imbalance. .

Show Notes:

  • Histamine intolerance could present as inflammation in several forms, such as exhaustion or migraines

  • Foods high in histamine are gluten, dairy, alcohol, avocado, salmon, unwashed meats, fermented foods, among others

  • The first step in treating high histamine is to reduce histamine containing foods, and eat foods that support liver detox

  • After an elimination period, you can slowly reintroduce those foods back and see what works for you

  • Fruit, ginger, garlic, sage, red onions, and artichokes are all great anti-histamine foods that also support your immunity

  • Covid causes our bodies to enter a cytokine storm and some people have mast cell activation syndrome that leads to long-haul symptoms which can cause you to display histamine intolerance symptoms

  • Dr. Campbell recommends trying to eat low-histamine after recovering from Covid to mitigate histamine reactions

  • Meditation and mindfulness are major parts of Dr. Campbell's regular wellness upkeep and she recommends taking Emily Fletcher's meditation course to get started


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