Cultivating the Good Inside Our Kids and Ourselves with Dr. Becky Kennedy

Cultivating the Good Inside Our Kids and Ourselves with Dr. Becky Kennedy



Clinical psychologist and mom of three, Dr. Becky Kennedy, shares easy-to-apply tips to use during your most stressful parenting moments.

We’ve all been there. Your kid is throwing a tantrum in public and constantly testing your boundaries. Suddenly, getting ready for school is a power struggle prime for an HBO series, and you don’t know where to turn.

Dr. Becky Kennedy brings humanity and grace to the beautifully oftentimes chaotic parenting experience. Her practical strategies empower parents to embody authority while equipping children with skills to regulate their emotions and build resilience. In this episode, Dr. Becky and I play out typical challenging scenarios and the different strategies to approach seemingly out-of-control situations. Plus, learn how to proactively de-shame behaviors so your children see the beauty of mistakes and how to learn from them.

Show Notes:

  • The belief that all humans are "good inside" guides Dr. Becky's work and philosophy

  • When we are looking at a parenting situation from the "least generous perspective" and judging the action and intent as "bad" it is harder to give a sympathetic and generous response

  • A more generous perspective understands that children can't regulate or inhibit their responses the way we can

  • Big feelings are going to be part of our lives and our children's lives forever, and helping kids learn to cope with big feelings and tantrums serves them for their entire lives

  • A tantrum is a sign that their feelings have overpowered their ability to manage those feelings

  • Parents staying calm during a tantrum helps show and teach kids that feelings can be managed and it's possible to stay calm when feelings are overwhelming

  • "I won't let you.." is a powerful boundary setting tool to help show kids healthy impulse management

  • We can only regulate the feelings that we allow ourselves to have, and kids witness the feelings that parents allow themselves to have

  • Actively deshaming mistakes helps kids understand that we all make mistakes and they don't need to feel shame for needing help with something


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