Feed Your Mental Health with Dr. Drew Ramsey

Feed Your Mental Health with Dr. Drew Ramsey



Nutritional Psychiatrist and author, Dr. Drew Ramsey, helps us nourish our way to a better mental state through nutrition.

Dr. Drew Ramsey is on a mission to get our brains into grow mode with mood-optimizing foods. Through Nutritional Psychiatry, he’s supporting brain and body health with inclusive information that chooses science over shaming to dial us into happy food routines. 

What we eat has a knock-on effect on our physical and cognitive capabilities. In this episode, we dive into revolutionary research into healing depression and anxiety through food, and share the actionable steps you can easily implement to create more joy at mealtimes. 

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Ramsey is passionate about accessible health options, and sought to build a research-backed list of foods that promote positive mental health

  • Among his findings, some of the best foods to support mental health are nutrient dense veggies, blueberries, oysters, beans, nuts, seafood, wild meat, and organ meats

  • Nutrient dense foods are power players that are accessible to consumers and pack massive amounts of vitamins and nutrients for the serving size or calorie load

  • Rather than immediately reacting to nutrient deficiency with supplements, it's good to try adding foods high in those nutrients first

  • Omega 3s and DHA are hugely beneficial for mental health and studies have found that consuming plenty of Omega 3s during pregnancy lowers the risk of postpartum depression

  • Focusing on bringing joy and creativity into cooking can also contribute to a more positive outlook and making healthy choices


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