Healing From Within with Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Healing From Within with Dr. Christian Gonzalez



Dr. Christian Gonzalez highlights the small lifestyle factors that determine our longevity and how you can optimize your health and happiness from within.

Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Christian Gonzalez, very nearly became a dentist. It wasn’t until his mom’s cancer diagnosis that he flipped his focus to oncology and integrative treatments for cancer and beyond. 

If everything is connected, our healing methodologies must also have a multi-pronged approach. For Dr. Christian Gonzalez, health is everywhere. It’s in our home, our pantries, and our relationships.

In this episode, we delve into the mind, body, spirit, and environment connection and discuss the different tools, rituals, and resources you can use to heal thyself from the inside out.

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Gonzalez began pursuing whole foods and holistic healing during his mother's cancer battle

  • His approach is to approach cancer by looking at all of the lifestyle inputs that have preceded it

  • The mental and emotional side of cancer care needs to be talked about more, and harboring past traumas impacts our immune and detox systems negatively

  • Free and easy lifestyle tips are optimizing your sleep habits, getting off your phone in the evening, spending time in nature

  • Light in the morning, within 20 minutes of waking activates tons of pathways to get our circadian rhythms on track

  • Pay attention to your breath throughout the day and pause to take 3 deep breaths when you catch yourself holding your breath or feeling anxious

  • Self care is coming back to yourself and taking a moment for mindfulness

  • Open your windows and increase air circulation whenever possible

  • "The dose makes the poison" is misleading, and even at low doses of toxins, we can have hormonal responses, so it's important to stay vigilant to the things that are being brought into our homes and products we use in and on our bodies

  • Dr. Gonzalez uses a sauna 3-6x a week for health and detox benefits and he is sure to drink a lot of mineral rich water to restore the water and minerals lost through perspiration


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