A Hormone-Friendly Approach to Keto with Dr. Sarah Gottfried

A Hormone-Friendly Approach to Keto with Dr. Sarah Gottfried



World-renowned physician and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Sarah Gottfried, cracks the keto code for women in her new book, Women, Food and Hormones which goes where so many male-focused studies have failed to tread. 

By analyzing the hormonal response to the traditional keto diet, Dr. Sarah Gottfried was able to finally understand the flight of all the keto refugees out there who tried to emulate men’s weight loss journeys through keto. 

We dig into her innovative four-week protocol that prioritizes opening the all-important detox pathways to put you on track for metabolic flexibility. All while taking into account the unique hormonal factors male-focused keto research has ignored. 

If you’ve been doing “all the right things” and struggling to see results, this episode’s for you!

Show Notes:

  • Differences in estrogen and testosterone impact the ways that women react to keto diets

  • Fiber is critical for helping female bodies utilize detox pathways (and help us poop daily!), and this is essential for keeping the balance of estrogen in the body

  • Dr. Gottfried recommends focusing on dietary nutrients over relying on supplements, some of her favorites are alliums like leeks, onions, and garlic

  • Testosterone is the most abundant hormone in women (even though females have 10 times less estrogen than men), and typically testosterone levels start to decline during your 20s and that decrease is accelerated by stress

  • DHEA is a strong partner to estrogen balance, and Dr. Gottfried often recommends that her patients supplement DHEA, it also helps modulate the immune system

  • Alcohol is often inhibiting fat metabolism, potentially slowing the metabolism, and Dr. Gottfried recommends cutting back if you're struggling with hormonal issues

  • Dr. Gottfried recommends learning your bioindividual reactions to foods, and

  • Instead of doing classic keto, Dr. Gottfried recommends focusing on net carbs and increasing them a bit over the traditional keto recommendation


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