Creating a Beautiful Birth with Dr. Lisa Karamardian

Creating a Beautiful Birth with Dr. Lisa Karamardian



My OB-GYN, Dr. Lisa Karamardian, is on the podcast to discuss the different options and treatments available to help set you up for a beautiful and safe labor.

We’ve reached an incredible milestone! We’re celebrating 3 million podcast downloads in less than 15 months.

I wanted to celebrate with a guest that helped me reach a personal milestone: a beautiful birth story. Dr. Lisa Karamardian is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Newport Center Surgical, California, and was the guiding force in the healing birth of my second boy, Taschen. 

I tackle the subject of birth with an expert in the field who truly empowers a woman’s labor while taking charge and providing guidance and tools to provide a safe delivery. The truth is, there is no such thing as a “right” birth, and birthing plans can go out the window when push comes to shove. 

Dr. Lisa Karamardian brings her years of experience to the table and talks about all of the treatments available to create a beautiful birth. She demystifies “old-wives tales” around epidurals, breaking water, Pitocin, and Cytotec, and we both reflect on my second birthing experience.

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Karamardian was one of the first in her family to go to college and she is now a successful OBGYN, delivering babies in Newport Beach, CA

  • Dr. Karamardian takes her patient's plans and goals and blends that with the latest research in delivery to do what is best in each situation

  • Near the end of her pregnancy with Taschen, Dr. Karamardian had Kelly start Fetal Diagnostic Testing which gives physicians an idea of how the baby is coping inside the uterus and how the placenta is doing

  • Monitoring can also help check where the baby's cord is and make sure the baby can be delivered safely

  • Advanced Maternal Age is considered older than 35, but a good OBGYN knows the concerns and things to be aware of, and there shouldn't be fear around pregnancy at 35 or older

  • Pitocin gets labor started, and there are biological reasons for the pain that comes with it- it's your body preparing for a baby!

  • Sometimes, OBGYNs choose to break a laboring mom's water to check for certain things like meconium or to help the baby tolerate contractions better

  • Taking probiotics during pregnancy and delivering through the birth canal can contribute to building up your baby's microbiome

  • Post-partum, it's so important to recognize the "fourth trimester" and getting help from those around you


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