Dropping (Uric) Acid with Dr. David Perlmutter

Dropping (Uric) Acid with Dr. David Perlmutter



Dr. David Perlmutter reveals the science behind uric acid, and the practical ways to address high levels and unlock extraordinary health.

Modern medicine is ignoring a scientific phenomenon that’s right under its nose–uric acid. 

In this episode, Dr. David Perlmutter, a board-certified neurologist and five-time New York Times bestselling author, reveals the deadly truth about high uric acid levels, as well as offering practical advice, diet hacks, and lifestyle strategies you can implement to manage its levels. Discover how this “insignificant” byproduct of metabolism is at the root of many life-threatening illnesses, and how you can shift your health trajectory for the better in as little as two weeks!

Show Notes:

  • Uric acid is something most people only think about in terms of gout, but it has profound impacts on heart disease, obesity, and other conditions

  • Most doctors recommend lowering alcohol and meat consumption to lower uric acid levels, but fructose is the primary driver of elevated uric acid

  • The constant stream of fructose in the Standard American Diet has led to widespread obesity and heart disease, and becoming aware of and lowering fructose consumption can dramatically reduce the risk of developing obesity

  • Overconsuming sodium can contribute to obesity as it contributes to the storage pathways that our bodies built for survival

  • Tart cherries are a "hero food" for uric acid, and are a great food to incorporate regularly

  • The "LUV” diet" can be interpreted for a variety of lifestyles like flexitarian or vegan

  • The love diet welcomes high fiber foods, cruciferous vegetables, and foods high in flavinoids

  • All animal based proteins and plant foods have purines, but they're not at dangerous levels in vegetables, some animal foods should be eaten in moderation


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