Getting to the Root of Oral Health with Dr. Staci Whitman

Getting to the Root of Oral Health with Dr. Staci Whitman



Dr. Staci Whitman is changing the world, one tooth at a time with her holistic, whole-body approach to dentistry. 

As a pediatric dentist, she’s dedicated to eliminating toxins and problematic practices from our children’s mouths, lifestyles, and diets. Unlike traditional dentistry, she likes to connect the dots beyond the tooth and examine the root cause of children’s dental issues, from their sleep patterns to brushing/flossing rituals, as well as diet. 

We discuss the world of the mouth: from the microbiome, trace minerals, and fluoride concerns to how to get rid of pacifiers and snoring in the home – something I’m working on right now!

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Staci is a holistic dentist who is passionate about finding the root causes of dental issues (cavities being related to dietary choices, improving the oral microbiome)

  • She is passionate about educating the public on how lifestyle choices and prevention can improve oral health and outcomes

  • Cavities often form when our oral health or oral mineralization is out of balance

  • Inflammation in the mouth is often indicative of inflammation in the body

  • The mouth is the beginning of the gastrointestinal pathway and our oral health has a massive impact on our digestive health and is closely tied to our gut microbiome

  • Issues like ulcers, cavities, and mouth dryness can be tied to vitamin deficiencies

  • A whole food diet rich in phytonutrients is important for the oral microbiome and fending off the impacts of mineral deficiencies

  • Fermented foods and Cod Liver Oil are very supportive of oral health

  • Giving your kids foods that involve chewing support opening their airways and strong jaw development

  • Pacifiers are ideally taken away between 6-8 months for palate development, it can lead to a narrow palate or mouth breathing if used for too long

  • Fluoride, especially in the amounts that are ingested in the US, can mess with mineralization, and there is a slow movement going away from pervasive fluoride use

  • Studies linked below show harmful brain health effects tied to pervasive fluoride use

  • Hydroxyapatite is a calcium derivative and it is a successful way to remineralize our teeth and there aren't concerns with toxicity like there are with fluoride

  • Processed foods are tied to cavities, stick to whole foods for your meals and snacks to avoid cavities for yourself and your kids


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