Five Ways to Lower EDCs in Your Children

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Five Ways to Lower EDCs in Your Children


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Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) interact with your endocrine system in a number of different ways. Some mimic natural hormones your endocrine system produces and secretes - like insulin, estrogen, and melatonin to name just a few - and tricking your body into thinking that they’re the real hormones. Other EDCs block natural hormones from doing their job. Others can increase or decrease the levels of hormones in your blood by affecting how they are made, broken down, or stored in your body. Finally, other EDCs can change how sensitive your body is to different hormones.

EDCs can disrupt many different hormones, which is why they have been linked to numerous adverse human health outcomes including alterations in sperm quality and fertility, abnormalities in sex organs, endometriosis, early puberty, altered nervous system function, immune function, certain cancers, respiratory problems, metabolic issues, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, growth, neurological and learning disabilities, and more. EDCs are problematic for everyone, but especially for our children, whose bodies and endocrine systems are going through such rapid periods of growth and development

Fortunately, you can significantly lower the urinary output of endocrine disrupting chemicals and the body burden in your children with just a few simple steps and in as little as 4 DAYS! Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Use cast-iron, enameled cast iron, lead free ceramic pans or stainless steel cookware. Do not use black nonstick cookware - that’s Teflon and contains high levels of EDCs. These are my favorite brands: @staub_usa @lecreuset @ourplace @caraway_home @allclad

  2. Wherever you can remove the plastic - even BPA free plastic. The sister-like compounds used in BPA free plastics are showing to have the same impact on our body. This means trying your best to avoid plastic baggies and plastic wrap. It’s never going to be perfect but do what you can, when you can in order to protect your family. These companies can help make it easier: @stasherbag @bee_wax_wraps

  3. Switch to stainless steel water bottles for yourself and for your children. Avoid disposable plastic bottles and avoid plastic refillable water bottles, especially if you’re washing them with hot water or in a dishwasher as these chemicals break down and are then present in our water. Here are my favorite brands: @yeti @hydroflask @gothinkco 

  4. Stick to silicone or bamboo for kids plates, bowls, and cups. They’ll be just as durable and easy to clean as the plastic versions but are significantly safer from an EDC standpoint. We love ours from @lalo @elkandfriends @austinbabyco

  5. Store and heat food in glass never plastic or styrofoam. 

Again, there will be times when plastic or styrofoam sneak in or are the only option - that’s just life. Just by controlling what goes on in your own home (as much as you can) you’ll make a huge difference in the body burden of EDCs for your whole family. The above brands and recommendations are ones we use a lot for the kids, but you can always find more of my go-to products in my Amazon store* and to learn how to support your little eater check out my children’s course, Fab 4 under 4!