Navigating Modern Relationships with Elizabeth Earnshaw

Navigating Modern Relationships with Elizabeth Earnshaw



Marriage and family therapist, Elizabeth Earnshaw, shares her wisdom on how to build relationship skills to navigate challenging times in partnership.

In modern dating and marriages, we often find ourselves blindly projecting internal programing and behavioral patterns that cause a disconnect with our partners. That’s why I invited couples therapist, Elizabeth Earnshaw, to show us how we can heal those wounds, come back to intentional connection, and make our partnerships work. Tune in for tips on how to get to a healthy place with your partner, and understand each other better.

Show Notes:

  • Elizabeth found her calling as a couples counselor and now uses her practice to teach tools for growing and maintaining healthy relationships

  • There are three main patterns that couples stuck in conflict typically experience: the blame game, the pursuer/distancer dynamic, and freeze and flee

  • Using humor can be a great strategy for many couples, but some may not be ready for it or it's not helpful

  • Think about the skills that help you to feel relational and tap into those, make each other feel safe and it will help you to de-escalate

  • Seek out counseling early, look into premarital counseling or counseling when things feel healthy to tune into good habits, be proactive in supporting your relationship's success

  • Elizabeth's book, I Want this to Work, helps readers build skills outside of the therapy office and it provides an inclusive approach for any readers to see themselves in the relationship examples

  • Creating rituals in relationships increases the feelings of safety and reliability

  • When kids enter the picture, communicate with your partner what you miss and find ways to recreate those pieces in accessible ways

  • Personal boundaries are healthy and important to maintain to avoid resentment and to nourish ourselves so we can truly pour into our relationships


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