Fab 4 Fridays - My Current Favorites of The Week

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Fab 4 Fridays - My Current Favorites of The Week


Welcome to Fab 4 Fridays, a new series where I share things I’m loving lately. From favorite food items to household must-haves, everything you find here will help you and your family feel your best.

This week, I wanted to share some of my current favorite items with you! I’ve got kind of a mix for you - things that support you in living a cleaner lifestyle as well as some things that just make life easier. Let’s get into it!

  1. Always Pan by Our Place - You’ve probably heard me talk about endocrine disrupting chemicals in the past (like in this podcast episode with Dr. Leo Trasande). These are chemicals - both natural and manmade - that can mimic and interfere with your body’s hormones. Hormones act as messengers and regulators all throughout your body so the effects of endocrine disruption are far reaching, impacting everything from your brain health to your reproductive system. Fortunately, you can reduce your exposure to the chemicals with simple swaps throughout your home and a great place to get started is in your kitchen. Cookware - nonstick, in particular - is notorious for releasing EDCs into the air and into your food. Making the switch to clean cookware varieties, including ceramic and stainless steel, will keep your food safe from these dangerous chemicals. One of my favorite options is the Always Pan. Made with a non-toxic ceramic coating, you still get the benefits of non-stick without the risk of EDCs or heavy metals leaching into your food. Plus, it’s designed to replace 8(!) pieces of cookware - a minimalist’s dream come true! And I have a special code just for the Be Well Family, use code BEWELL10 for 10% off your order.

  2. Bala Wrist Weights - If you’re looking for a way to elevate your workouts, give these wrist weights a try! These are small weights (0.5-2 lbs) designed to be worn on your wrists or ankles and come in a variety of colors to bring a little style to the traditional ankle weight look. I honestly want one in every color!

  3. Pique Tea Daily Immune - Supporting your immune system is always a good idea, simply because there are so many things that can impact it. Drinking enough water, getting good quality sleep, and filling your meals with nutrient dense foods are all great ways to support your immune system. For an extra boost, I’ve been loving the Daily Immune packets from Pique Tea. They contain both vitamin C and concentrated elderberry for antioxidant support and are designed for maximum absorption, which means you actually get the benefits of these two powerhouse immune boosters. Pique is my go-to tea brand because they triple test their products for mold, pesticides, and other contaminants, something so important to me as a breastfeeding mom. Plus, they make it easy to enjoy the perfect cup of tea - or boost your immune system on the go - without worrying about steeping and tea bags. Save 5% off with code BEWELL.

  4. Dagne Dover backpack - I recently received this beautiful backpack (in blue) as a gift and I’ve been using it as our diaper bag. First of all, it fits everything and if you’re a mom you know how important that is. Second, it’s the perfect incognito diaper bag but would also make for a great carry on item, day bag, or gym bag. It’s a really versatile bag and I know it’ll easily grow with us as our needs change over the years.

Have a great week!