Fab 4 Fundamentals Course

Fab 4 Fundamentals Course


This is the nutrition course you’ve been waiting for. Let me walk you through my flexible nutrition lifestyle, teaching you about the Fab 4 nutrients that will help you build and enjoy balanced meals. My simple strategy will allow you to ditch the diets for a lifestyle that will leave you feeling satisfied, healthy, and in control of your food choices. 

In the Fab 4 Fundamentals course, I’ll walk you through my lightly structured lifestyle, explaining the science of nutrition, helping you figure out your “why” and set realistic goals, adopting healthy habits one at a time, and ultimately learning more about your body and how to care for it so you can look and feel your best.

Diets are everywhere, promising amazing results and requiring crazy restrictions. The truth is diets don’t work because they’re not sustainable. And when parties or vacations or “bad days” happen, you’re left feeling like a failure if you indulged a little (or a lot) more than your diet allows. 

Here’s the good news: the Fab 4 is not a diet. 

I know that life happens. You’ll want to eat the cake, drink the wine, live your life without worrying about counting calories, tracking macros, or whatever else the latest diet requires. In this course, I’ll teach you the Fab 4 principles so you can eat the foods you love and build your own healthy lifestyle, helping you feel empowered and able to achieve long term success. 

This is a liveable lifestyle. You can use it at home to eat clean, wholesome meals. You can also use it at restaurants, on vacation, and at Saturday brunch. Learn how to make healthy eating work for you, so you can have results that last a lifetime!