Finding the Joy in Movement with Megan Roup #FabulousFriends

Finding the Joy in Movement with Megan Roup #FabulousFriends



Megan Roup is a celebrity trainer and the founder of The Sculpt Society, a dance party and sculpting workout that’s available online and through an app.

Today, she’s going to share her story and get you motivated to work out during quarantine. We dive into her love of dance, the work that goes into creating her content and routines, and the fundamental habits for success. She is all about finding the movements that bring you joy, and you can hear the joy come out of her when she speaks about it!

You will learn about...

  • (02:10) How Megan fell in love with movement

  • (07:43) Developing an obsession with food

  • (10:27) Changing the conversation you have with yourself

  • (17:04) Finding movement that brings you joy

  • (20:45) A day in Megan’s life

  • (31:57) Habits that lead to transformation

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