Getting NAKED with Catt Sadler #FabulousFriends

Getting NAKED with Catt Sadler #FabulousFriends



If you enjoy seeing the beautiful outfits on the red carpet or have watched E! over the past decade, you’ve probably seen Catt Sadler before. But, after learning she was paid just half the salary of her male co-host, she left E! to became a prominent voice in the Equal Pay movement, start her own podcast, and create the empowering cattwalk community. Catt’s an inspiration to all of the women out there who refuse to settle for anything less than what they deserve, but more than that, she’s just so much fun!

You will learn about...

  • (01:30) When did Catt know she wanted to be a journalist? (Plus, working as a backup singer in the all-girl band The Gypsies)

  • (09:40) Learning what you don’t want to do by doing it

  • (17:50) What makes Catt different? What gives her the confidence to just jump on a plane and go start a new life?

  • (22:15) Living with gratitude

  • (23:25) Fakin’ it ‘till you make it (on live TV)

  • (25:45) Giving yourself a year with your kid + manifesting what you need

  • (28:50) How life rewards you when you don’t hold onto things too tightly

  • (31:45) The lifelong journey of learning self-care + teaching your children that self-care is okay

  • (33:45) Catt’s big exit from E! + how she’s moving forward to do more

  • (45:45) Catt’s advice for her younger self


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