Balance Your Blood Sugar, Feel Your Best with Jessie Inchauspe

Balance Your Blood Sugar, Feel Your Best with Jessie Inchauspe



Jessie Inchauspe from Glucose Goddess explains the life-changing power of balancing your blood sugar, and shares simple, science-based hacks to help you curb sugar spikes and crashes. 

Biochemist and glucose ally, Jessie Inchauspe, is on a mission to make glucose monitoring sexy. After first testing the effect of food on her glucose levels in 2018, she realized there were knock-on consequences in crucial areas of her life when she made certain food choices. After creating a series of glucose-balancing hacks that allowed her to live a normal life – and enjoy the occasional cookie – she decided to share her tips to the world, and her brand, Glucose Goddess, was born. 

In this episode, Jessie reveals the actionable and affordable ways to balance your sugar levels and explains why adding a couple of simple habits to your mealtimes can boost your mood, sleep quality, weight, and happiness.

Show Notes:

  • While working at a biotech company, Jessie discovered what insights a continuous glucose monitor can show in terms of how eating and lifestyle factors impact blood sugar

  • Vinegar is a great hack for blood sugar, consuming vinegar helps keep blood glucose lower when taken with food

  • Any type of vinegar works for lessening the blood sugar spike, in about a one tablespoon serving, diluted in water

  • Eating carbohydrates on their own will contribute to a larger glucose spike, but Jessie recommends pairing fiber to "clothe" your carbs and blood sugar will not rise as much

  • Savory breakfasts help set you up for better choices throughout the day since blood sugar will be steady going into the day, Jessie loves lentils and veggies or leftovers from the previous day

  • If you practice intermittent fasting, be aware that your blood sugar is primed to soak up whatever you break your fast with, so glucose may spike higher if you consume "naked" carbs after a fast rather than if you had been eating more frequently beforehand

  • Jessie found a connection between her blood sugar and her anxiety, and it helped her connect eating throughout the day and how it made her feel later

  • In regards to liquids, juices typically cause large glucose spikes, non-sugary alcohol typically do not cause spikes in blood sugar, and oat milk leads to a larger blood sugar rise than other milk options

  • Starting a meal with veggies helps blunt the glucose spike for the rest of the meal due to the fiber contained in the vegetables


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