Dr Morgan Cutlip

Go Mom Yourself: Dr. Morgan Cutlip's Guide to Loving Your Kids & Honoring Yourself

I'm so excited to welcome Dr. Morgan Cutlip back to the show. Dr. Morgan has a PhD in psychology, and she's a highly sought-after relationship expert. She knows what it feels like to lose yourself in motherhood and she's determined to help mothers navigate it better. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide learn how to form and maintain healthy relationships.

Dr. Morgan has been featured On Good Morning America, Teen Vogue, The New York Times, Women's Health Magazine, Mops International, Loveology. Her brand new book, Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself, is available now. 

In today’s episode, we dive into what the research says about striving to be a perfect parent, and tools for managing the realities of motherhood. I love how Dr. Morgan gives examples from her own life showing how competing priorities and unmanaged expectations can lead us to feel like we’re failing as parents – and uncovering why we put so much pressure on ourselves. 

She effectively combines her expertise as a psychologist and experience as a mom together in her book to provide practical tips for how to prioritize our time and check in with ourselves – all in order to show up in ways that bring us more peace. Check out Dr. Morgan’s Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself to dive deeper into supporting yourself in parenthood and in life.