How I Stock Up My Pantry

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How I Stock Up My Pantry


On a regular basis I like to keep my pantry stocked with everything my family needs to feel fueled and happy throughout the week. Now more than ever, I am stocking up not only on my favorites and things we use often, but also on items that can easily be incorporated into a meal.

My favorite way to shop is through Thrive - it's convenient, you can trust the quality of the products, and I can easily find alternatives if needed. I also shop directly with a handful of brands. The brands that show up most often in my pantry are ones that I’ve used for years because I trust them so much. They use simple ingredients, as well as transparent production and testing practices (like Now Foods). And as always, I find Amazon to be a huge help in rounding out my weekly shopping.

Get your shopping list ready! Here's what I'm stocking up on:

  • Beverages and Smoothie Essentials 

  • Grab & Go Snacks

  • Sauces, Seasonings & Meal Basics

  • Dressings & Canned Goods


Beverages & Fab 4 Smoothie Essentials 

Smoothie Essentials. Of course I have to keep my pantry stocked with everything I need for a daily #fab4smoothie! It’s my favorite way to start the day and all the ingredients can be stored for a long time in either the pantry or freezer. Protein is an absolute smoothie must-have. Try my 1-3 ingredient, carefully sourced protein powder here.

Now Foods is one of my favorite places to get smoothie add-ins like cacao nibs, acacia powder, MCT oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, and Green PhytoFoods. Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Blend is another thing I like to add into my smoothies occasionally. 

Coffee & Tea. A good cup of joe is my second favorite thing to drink in the morning. I keep Four Sigmatic Coffee and Elixir on hand all the time. I also like their Chai and Matcha blends. If I’m craving something more than black, I use Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer. I’ve also been enjoying Organifi Gold Tea - use this to whip up a turmeric latte!

Other Hydrating Drinks. Vital Proteins Vitality (a handy little immune booster mix-in) and LMNT (great sub for traditional sports drinks) are also always stocked at our place.


Grab & Go Snacks

Cereal. A few years ago you probably wouldn’t have seen cereal on this list but Magic Spoon Cereal has really changed the game and made cereal fit right in the Fab 4. Plus it tastes like your favorite childhood breakfast, so what’s not to love? Use KELLYLEVEQUE to get free shipping. 

Nuts & Nut butter. The LeVeques are definitely nut butter people! Wild & Friends is our favorite brand and is always stocked and ready to go. I keep nuts like macadamias, almonds, and pistachios on hand as well for easy snacking. 

We also make sure to keep olives, clean jerky (we buy ours from Chomps), and seaweed as they are great bridge snacks.

Serenity Kids. We’ve used these variety pouches for Bash since he started eating. These pouches emphasize protein from pasture-raised meats and healthy fats because babies need those nutrients just like we do! Great for dinner, as a snack, on the go, you name it!


Sauces, Seasonings and Meal Basics

Chickpea pasta, Primal Kitchen sauces (our favorites are the vodka sauce and alfredo sauce), and seasonings are easy to stock up for easy meals that taste great. I particularly like Dr. Cowan’s Garden Threefold Blend. Get ready to sprinkle this on a dog treat! It seriously makes everything taste better.


Dressings and Canned Goods

Primal Kitchen Sauces are so good and they’re made with whole food ingredients, which I love. We love their Ranch Avocado Dressing, Spicy Ketchup, and Pesto Sauce.

Bone Broth is great for a quick chicken soup recipe or as a bridge snack in the afternoon. Kettle & Fire Broth and Osso Good are my favorite brands - use BEWELL for $10 off.

I also get a lot of canned goods and Tetra-Paks like coconut milk, beans, salmon, and nut milks, as well as other snacks from Thrive Market. Keep reading for my full Thrive list!

There you have it, a complete guide to my pantry! All the brands I use here have excellent quality products and I recommend them to my clients as well as my friends and family. If you don’t love some of the flavors I use, feel free to experiment with the others these brands offer! Happy shopping and stocking!


Full Thrive Shopping List

Thrive Market is my go-to grocery store to stock up on pantry items. The quality and variety of their products is really impressive and the convenience of delivery is hard to pass up. I’ve made a list for you of items I typically keep on hand in case you want to stock up as well. I don’t buy each of these items every time I order, just restock as the need arises. Occasionally I’ll throw in something new and fun as well, like a beauty product or new snack option, but the items on the list here are the ones on heavy rotation in the LeVeque kitchen. Visit Thrive Market to check out my list and enjoy a special discount when you sign up here!