How to Burn Bright Without Burning Out with Kelsey Patel

How to Burn Bright Without Burning Out with Kelsey Patel #FabulousFriends



Kelsey Patel is a wellness expert, reiki master, and author of the book “Burning Bright.” She is such an inspiration, but despite her larger-than-life appearance, she is quick to be very open, honest, and real about how she got to where she is today... and the times where things weren’t great or hadn’t fallen into place yet. We talk all about burnout, setting boundaries for yourself, your work, your clients, and how Kelsey was introduced to reiki in the first place. We also get the privilege of opening the podcast with a reiki session led by Kelsey. You are going to love it!

You will learn about...

  • (05:40) Experiencing a reiki session

  • (11:35) Not being too rigid with your wellness practice

  • (13:41) How Kelsey’s journey started

  • (22:18) Setting boundaries and balancing your energy

  • (29:30) Kelsey’s wellness non-negotiables

  • (35:43) What reiki is and what inspired Kelsey to write her book

  • (41:41) Reiki for nonbelievers

  • (44:39) Tips you can incorporate now to take care of burnout



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