Intuitive Fasting & Improving Metabolic Flexibility with Dr. Will Cole

Intuitive Fasting & Improving Metabolic Flexibility with Dr. Will Cole



Dr. Will Cole is back on the show to talk all about his newest book, "Intuitive Fasting." You’ve likely heard of intuitive eating before, but taking that same philosophy and applying it to fasting is truly game-changing. Dr. Cole is not a one-diet-fits-all practitioner, and he gives a range of advice that anyone can find what works for them and incorporate it into their lives.

Intuitive Fasting is the concept of listening to your body’s intuition when it comes to eating, and it involves balancing your blood sugar and hormones in the process

Show Notes:

  • Having blood sugar that is imbalanced will make it harder to eat intuitively 

  • Intuitive Fasting (Will’s book) outlines a four week cyclical fasting program to help you balance blood sugar and become more metabolically flexible

  • Being metabolically flexible allows your body to switch between fuel sources- the fast burning “kindling” of carbohydrates or the slower burning “log” of dietary fat or body fat

  • Metabolic flexibility takes the strain out of fasting while allowing you to reap the fasting benefits like autophagy and steady energy 

  • Will’s four week plan strategically helps readers build up their metabolic flexibility making it easy to switch between energy sources 

  • By getting experience at cycling through different fasting windows, you can determine what feels best for you and your body. It becomes more intuitive over time. 

  • Context matters when it comes to women and fasting. It’s about creating a balanced and flexible approach that is appropriate for different women with different physiology.  

  • When you are fasting, stick to low to no calorie options to remain in a fasted state. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and add salt or electrolytes if you are feeling depleted. 

  • Fasting has anti-inflammatory benefits and can help people struggling with chronic pain and inflammation. Anxiety and depression also have ties to inflammation that could be helped with fasting. 

  • Intuitive Fasting does not involve calorie restriction. The health benefits come from the eating windows, but eat up during those times!


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