It's hot! Did you know all of these amazing things water can do for your body?

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It's hot! Did you know all of these amazing things water can do for your body?

If you’re following along or roasting in your own neighborhood, you may have noticed incredible heat waves rolling across Europe and the US - now in Asia.  Some states are leaving historical heat records in the dust.  Now is a great time to pick up that water bottle and chug!  

We all know hydration is great for our bodies and some of you may even know that around 60% of our body is made up of water.  But did you know some of these other amazing things happening in our body as a result of drinking water?

  • We have incredibly sensitive detectors in our body connected by neural pathways and integrative centers in our brain in order to balance water and minerals in our body

  • When there’s a deficit in water in our bodies, our cells actually shrink (extracellular compartment takes water from intracellular compartment - this shows up in sweating), which is detected by our brain receptors and sends a hormonal response for thirst. Anyone else thirsty? 

    • Did you know brain receptors associated with extracellular volume are also associated with an enhancement in salt appetite? It’s so important if we’re moving our bodies - which I hope you are - we’re replenishing with Na+ salt. This is why DRINK LMNT is my long time favorite electrolyte mix and partner. Click here or a free gift with purchase!

  • When we sip that satiating water, our taste buds send messages to our brain about the fluid and salt levels. Neural responses are triggered as if the water was already in our bloodstream - WOW! 

  • I mentioned earlier that our bodies are made up of 60% water, to be more specific by age it’s ~75% in infants to ~55% body weight in elderly.  Because of low water in older people, it may be a good idea to drink even when not thirsty and to moderately increase salt intake with exercise. There’s even research that suggests better education on this topic may actually help prevent abnormal fatigue, hypotension, or stroke.

  • With 2 little ones and a business to run, I need to be with it!  Drinking more water can improve cognition and mood. BRB, taking another sip!

  • Unfortunately water cannot prevent wrinkles largely dictated by genetics and sun exposure, but since 30% of our skin is made of water it certainly contributes to elasticity and plumpness as well as barrier function. In fact, water can improve the function of many of our organs including heart, kidney, gastrointestinal.

I’m fascinated by the neural pathways (hormones, neurotransmitters, chemicals) between our brain and anatomy.  I carry my (massive) 40oz water bottle everywhere I go because it makes me happy to know that this small step is contributing to so much of my body’s everyday function. Stay hydrated, stay cool, and stay salty!


XO, Kelly