Bridging Medical, Community & Health Paradigms with James Maskell

Bridging Medical, Community & Health Paradigms with James Maskell



Healthcare game changer, James Maskell, is softening the friction and disconnect between traditional medical professionals and functional medicine through community, accountability, and root cause resolutions for chronic illness.

It began in 2015 when he created The Functional Forum: the world’s largest practitioner conference. After witnessing firsthand the power of community in healing outcomes and dedicating his second book, The Community Cure, to the phenomenon, he founded Heal Community: a 12-step platform that enables virtual care in a group setting. 

We unpack why harnessing the power of all healthcare bodies benefits everybody and examine how base health can be impacted by community accountability.

Show Notes:

  • James Maskell grew up in a very health conscious home and is passionate about making integrative medicine more accessible and helping people find the root causes of health issues

  • James works to promote community among patients, and believes in reimagining healthcare to promote community health visits and a root cause approach

  • Loneliness is one of the biggest drivers of poor health, and James has seen incredible results through group health visits

  • James offers resources for doctors to be able to prescribe group visits to build community and build health behaviours in a supportive community

  • James' 12 week therapy program allows patients to come together, in an environment facilitated by a doctor, to share with one another, understand your timeline to try and understand your personal triggers, exploring elimination diets, and creating bridges between functional medicine and primary care physicians

  • It's never been so easy to find a community, start a book club, get some accountability going, and you can transform your health


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