Humanizing the Food Industry with Jason Karp

Humanizing the Food Industry with Jason Karp



Jason H. Karp, Founder and CEO of HumanCo, shares his mission to humanize the food industry by creating trusted brands and companies that are sustainable and tasty.

At 23, Jason Karp was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune issues and was set to lose his vision by 30. In just 12 months, he completely reversed his conditions with food and lifestyle. Better yet, he was left with a clearer picture of the state of the food industry and what needed changing–fast. 

Jason has spent the past 20 years on a mission to create multiple brands and lifestyle products focused on healthy living, sustainability, and joy. With his new company, HumanCo, you can enjoy your nostalgic snacks like pizza bites and ice cream without sacrificing nutritional value. 

In this episode, we dive into the business of all things food, from the inconvenient truths surrounding the food industry and “plant-based” trends to how HumanCo is shifting the consumer paradigm by bringing trust, authenticity, and great taste into healthy food options.

Show Notes:

  • Jason was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease in his early twenties

  • Autoimmune issues can inhibit Jason's detox pathways, and he discovered that many of his previous lifestyle factors were contributing to the symptoms he was experiencing

  • Jason created a partnership to develop the concept for Hu Kitchen in New York City, bridging the gap between expensive farm to table and "hippe" health spots

  • In the recipe development process, the founders of Hu wanted to use clean chocolate in recipes, and they worked with a chocolatier to create their own bars that took off and helped them gain noteirity, and eventually led to them selling the company

  • The consumer packaged goods sector has long focused on extending shelf life, stripping many of the benefits that come from food naturally, and it's clearly harming the health of consumers

  • HumanCo now creates and incubates consumer packaged foods with high health, ingredient, and nutrition standards

  • Many people are using the team "plant based" to conflate anything to be good for humans, but some of those products can still be loaded with chemicals and processed ingredients

  • HumanCo focuses on sustainable practices and only using ingredients that your grandma could pronounce to keep the nutritional value of their products front and center


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