Guide Your Body & Find Your Flexible Flow with Dr. Jen Fraboni

Guide Your Body & Find Your Flexible Flow with Dr. Jen Fraboni



Physical therapist Dr. Jen Fraboni shares her unique mobility and movement tips to help build awareness and alignment in our bodies.

I've had the honor of receiving the movement medicine of today's guest, Dr. Jen Fraboni, a well-respected physical therapist, who’s now reaching even more people to guide their own body and transition from pain into power with her accessible online program, The Mobility Method. 

In the episode, she reveals how she landed into physiotherapy, the critical differences between flexibility and active mobility, and the actionable hacks you can incorporate into your life to gently improve your body's alignment and prevent injury. She also explains the impetus behind her new program and why it's the perfect antidote to our collective alignment pandemic of sitting on chairs, couches, and cars all day.

Show Notes:

  • A physical therapist is a guide, not necessarily someone who will fix all of your alignment issues. It's up to the individual to do the work that a PT provides and recommends

  • Perfect alignment isn't the goal, but focus instead on functionality and being able to function through life in your body

  • Flexibility is the passive range of motion in our bodies, but doesn't really transfer into function

  • Mobility is being able to take range and make it active and bringing range of motion into everyday life

  • Stress can be a huge contributor to pain in the body, and it's important to examine pain points from a broad, full body and mind perspective

  • Build mobility work into your everyday habits, choose a chore or task you can do on the floor sitting with your legs crossed

  • Prioritize pelvic floor strength and consider seeing a pelvic floor specialist to help you connect to that area

  • Many of us holding stress in our bodies need to learn to downregulate and release stress; this will help ease the tension causing some of the pain points


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