Doing Your Best to Feel Your Best with Endo, with Jessica Murnane

Doing Your Best to Feel Your Best with Endo, with Jessica Murnane



Speaker, author, and women’s health advocate, Jessica Murnane, opens up about her debilitating experience with Endometriosis, how she managed to turn her condition around and the intention behind her new book, Know Your Endo.

In the darkest depths of her Endometriosis, Jessica Murnane found herself crippled by agonizing pain. After countless doctor visits and unsuccessful treatment options, she decided to search for her own solutions. 

Her new book, Know Your Endo, is a literary account of her healing journey and provides readers with a four week protocol for getting to know their Endometriosis and learning their own best strategies to deal with it. 

She reveals how she reclaimed her power, separated her sense of self from the symptoms, and curated her strategies to manage this complex condition.

Show Notes:

  • Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition where uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus

  • Symptoms are GI issues, painful sex, painful urination, constipation, diahhrea, fatigue, fertility issues, among others

  • Jessica experienced ruptured cysts which led her to her endometriosis diagnosis

  • The emotional struggle with endo and the symptoms have a huge impact, and Jessica wants to bring awareness and hope to those suffering

  • The cause of endo isn't fully known, but probably comes from several causes

  • There are two types of surgeries to try to remove the harmful tissue, ablation surgery where the tissue is burned out and excision surgery where doctors try to cut the tissue out

  • Stress management can be helpful for managing some symptoms

  • Jessica promotes eating "good foods" or eating foods that personally make you feel good, typically a lot of plants and whole foods

  • Following stress management and positive food choices, find movement that feels good on your joints and muscles

  • Look into the chemicals in your beauty and household products to see if there are endocrine disrupting chemicals that could be exacerbating symptoms

  • One in ten women have endometriosis, but awareness is still limited, so Jessica is trying to spread the word on recognizing symptoms, and building a supportive community


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