Positivity From the Inside Out with Jon Gordon

Positivity From the Inside Out with Jon Gordon



Best-selling author and keynote speaker Jon Gordon shares his inspirational story and tips on approaching life with a positive mindset.

Dr. Robert Lustig reveals how the food industry has hacked our minds and bodies with sugar, and how we can take that power – and our health – back into our own hands..

How do you start creating positive momentum when the upward battle of life keeps you down?

Believe it or not, Jon Gordon, the positivity expert, wildly successful coach, and keynote speaker, has been there. At his lowest point, he was unemployed, depressed, and struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The moment he decided to cultivate a vision and reframe his obstacles as opportunities, he blossomed. Now, the toolkit that got him out of his mental mess has inspired millions. 

Tune in to uncover the roadmap to positive thinking and how implementing small habits such as a gratitude walk in your day can transform your life in ways you could have never imagined.

Show Notes:

  • We've all got to practice "weeding the negative" and feeding the positive in our lives in order to shape a more positive perspective

  • We are all struggling, and it's not about ignoring reality, but the power of our thoughts are essential to creating a positive outlook

  • Encouraging ourselves and having gratitude daily are life-changing habits that creative a fertile mind geared towards positivity

  • Jon takes a walk of gratitude in the morning to reframe and set a positive outlook

  • Imposter Syndrome is tied in with our identity and breaking away for our need for perfection can help overcome the hesitation brought on by Imposter Syndrome

  • Having a little naivete and hustle goes a long way to help you take those small steps towards your dreams

  • Our state of mind influences whether circumstances harden or soften us, make us stronger or break us down


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