Supporting Your Immune System Through Gut Health with Tina Anderson & Kiran Krishnan (Part 1)

Supporting Your Immune System Through Gut Health with Tina Anderson & Kiran Krishnan (Part 1)



Tina Anderson is an attorney-turned-healthcare-CEO and Kiran Krishnan is a research microbiologist — and, together, they’re the minds behind the Just Thrive supplement line. Tina is passionate about promoting gut health and spreading her knowledge of the far-reaching benefits of probiotics, while Kiran has been involved in the dietary supplement and nutrition market for the past 20 years. He spent several years with hands-on R&D in the field of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University of Iowa, conducting over 50 human trials and publishing a dozen himself. This dynamic duo has so much wisdom to share, and your gut is sure to thank you.

Show Notes:

  • Tina and Kiran developed the Just Thrive Probiotic, a spore-based probiotic, and one of the most effective on the market!

  • A spore-based probiotic has an endospore shell around it which allows the bacteria in the probiotic to make it to the gut alive

  • Modern life has caused us to "outsource" some microbial function, and the strains within Just Thrive Probiotics were chosen to bring the most beneficial microbes back into the body

  • Keystone species of bacteria produce compounds that feed the microbiota and help us maintain balance in the gut, they even play a role in stress response. Spore based probiotics help feed those keystone species

  • There are times (such as stressful seasons or a period of taking antibiotics) that it may be helpful to increase your probiotic dose from one to two probiotics per day

  • One of the strains in Just Thrive Probiotics creates antioxidants in the gut and helps fight oxidative stress

  • Probiotics can also help our bodies create enzymes and methylated B vitamins

  • Studies have shown up to a 30% increase in bacillus spores, adding to microbiome diversity

  • IgG is our body's most prevalent antibody. The IgG from Just Thrive provides 25% more IgG in the gut, which helps support the immune system and gut lining.

  • Taking oral immunoglobulins allows us to give our immune system a highly specific boost, it helps us up our body's defenses

  • To help create consistent healthy habits celebrate the little wins, it will release chemicals that promote happiness and will keep you motivated to continue

  • Other lifestyle habits that can improve gut health are deep breathing, taking time for mindfulness, meditation, increasing dietary diversity, intermittent fasting, spending time in nature, and getting a pet

  • Managing stress well will contribute to maintaining healthy gut balance


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