Exploring Wellness Trends with Well + Good’s Kate Spies

Exploring Wellness Trends with Well + Good’s Kate Spies



Kate Spies, general manager of Well + Good, reveals the wellness trends for 2022 and the go-to brands to help you live your best life. 

Every year, Well + Good plucks out the health and wellbeing trends and innovations that are shifting from niche to mainstream. In this episode, Kate Spies delves into how wellness will evolve in 2022, and how we can make sure we’re part of the conversation.

Show Notes:

  • The Well + Good team puts together an annual report of upcoming health and wellness trends

  • Local juice shops are experiencing a resurgence, and we're fans of juice when it comes to low-glycemic options and drinking them occasionally rather than relying on juice for nutrition

  • Non-alcoholic spirits are taking off and more and more people are becoming sober-curious

  • Vertical farms require far less space and water than traditional farming, and allows produce growth in areas that typically wouldn't support a garden

  • Sea greens like kombu and nori are making their way into consumer snacks, and they pack a powerful nutritional punch without making a harmful impact on our environment for their growth

  • Financial wellness apps are growing rapidly and helping users make sense of their finances and feel at peace with financial health

  • The world is waking up to menopausal women and there is a growing industry around helping women with symptoms and providing information and products around supporting women through menopause

  • Mental health is taking the stage within corporations, as more companies are starting to provide support and mental health services and apps to employees

  • Boundaries around technology use are another growing area, which is laid out in the book Deep Work


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