Building a Bridge Between Motherhood + Entrepreneurship with Katie Wells

Building a Bridge Between Motherhood + Entrepreneurship with Katie Wells



Katie Wells, Founder, and CEO of Wellnesse and Wellness Mama, shares her nutritious secrets and lifestyle shortcuts to raising a healthy and balanced family.

Katie Wells is a supermom, bonafide wellness entrepreneur, and the voice behind She has spent over a decade empowering moms with nutritional knowledge and healthy lifestyle hacks to eliminate toxins, reduce stress, and make life easier.

Time is precious, especially as a busy parent, and Katie gets it. She walks the talk (if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no!) and has never let success puncture her authenticity. In this episode, she shares a snapshot of her multifaceted journey and life as a mom, entrepreneur, and home-school teacher.

Show Notes:

  • Katie has grown her work and interests in the wellness space over the years, keeping her role as a mom front and center, she uses her influence to be a voice for other moms and what they care about in purchasing for their families and homes

  • Katie looks at the nutrient density of food when feeding her family, and tries to pack as much nutrition into every bite as she can, prioritizing whole foods

  • Organ meats and fatty fish are favorites in Katie's house for packing tons of nutrition into her kids' meals

  • Katie runs her house with the mindset of a CEO: empowering her kids to have ownership and autonomy, implementing family systems, creating a family manifesto

  • Katie is clear with her 6 kids what their roles and responsibilities are, and where she is there to nourish and support them

  • Amy McCready is a great resource for parenting questions

  • In her family, Katie encourages her children to take on entrepreneurial projects before they have a cell phone

  • Katie uses Real Plans for meal planning and Notion to organize her family's schedules


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