Kelly's Picks for a Healthy Back 2 School

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Kelly's Picks for a Healthy Back 2 School

Was it just me or was that the fastest summer ever?

Back to school can be such a fun time but it can also be chaotic and stressful. Sometimes I long for my slow mornings sipping coffee in my PJs and then I see Bash’s proud face heading onto the school’s campus and my heart is full…But seriously, stop growing! <cry emoji> 

Making sure schedules are set, backpacks are packed, and everyone’s healthy is another level of taking care. I wanted to share my short list of the ways I’ve been taking care of the fam this week.

Preparing the Cupboards:

    • Welly first aid kit: I’ve found this is the perfect travel size first aid kit to keep in the glove compartment of both cars since we’re much more on the move. 
    • Think Baby sunscreen (zinc only): I like to put a layer of sunscreen on Bash before I send him off to school. This should probably do the trick all day even though I include a travel size in his backpack in case it’s extra toasty.
    • Children’s daily supplements:  With the germs coming home from school, I love to boost my boys’ immune system with a simple 1,2, 3...
      1. Hiya chewable multivitamin - sweetened with monk fruit, my boys take this everyday to support their body’s immune system with 15 essential vitamins and minerals (KELLY for 50% off first order)
      2. Seed PDS-08TM Pediatric Daily Synbiotic -it’s finally here! I have been waiting 4 years for this product to be developed and my kids are both on it. I add it to their smoothie. (20% of first month with BEWELLBYKELLY)
      3. NowFoods or Thorne D3K2

Preparing for School:

  • Planet box stainless steel bento box: ditch the harmful toxins and enjoy the functionality of the 5-compartment bento box with a stainless steel bowl great for your favorite Fab4 bowl recipes 
  • Silicon snack bags: you can even label and erase easily with chalk markers 
  • State Kane backpack (Navy/Blue): For safety reasons, I prefer to engrave with Bash’s initials rather than full name.
  • Personalized Yeti (18oz): Bash is drinking more water and the last thing I want to do is slow that down! Hydration improves his bodily functions, mood, attention and memory.  The school prefers we label everything but I decided to personalize this time since his name was rubbed off with a marker more than once last year (and let’s be honest, who can bear to lose something so expensive?). The straw cap helps with spills. 
  • Think Baby face stick (zinc only) - more options in my FREE clean beauty guide

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on EASY lunches for school or for parent/nanny-led picnics. Some of these take only 5 mins to prepare in the morning so you won’t want to miss them!

Proud first day!