How to Move Better and Stay Active with   Dr. LA Thoma Gustin

How to Move Better and Stay Active with Dr. LA Thoma Gustin



Physical therapist, LA Thoma Gustin, talks pregnancy, movement, and how she makes time for her exercise routine.

LA Thoma Gustin's approach to fitness is as inclusive as it is inspiring. By walking her audience through every step of the workout, she helps build confidence and muscle with snapshot micro workouts designed for every body – wherever they are on their fitness journey. 

We talk about LA Thoma's first foray into fitness during childhood and how her brand and focus have shifted during her pregnancy. Plus, she gives helpful tips on keeping her routine in check with her life on the go and how her app, “Dare to Be Active,” can help you move better.

Show Notes:

  • LA is a physical therapist and wanted to use her training to reach people who don't have a strong background of exercise or knowledge of physiology and mechanics

  • LA uses her social media and app to help teach people key movement patterns to promote pain-free exercise

  • The 4-Week Fundamentals Program (in the Dare to Be Active app) helps newbies feel comfortable getting into movement

  • After tearing her ACL in high school track, LA started seeing a Physical Therapist and that's when she knew it was the path she wanted to take

  • When working with a physical therapist, a lot of the progress is made by the individual at home and making the habit of doing the exercises assigned to them

  • To stay active during her pregnancy LA works out with her clients or her husband


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