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Squeezing the Best out of Your Day with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick



Serial entrepreneur, content creator, and founder of “The Skinny Confidential” Lauryn Evarts Bosstick talks about how she manages her day, grows her brand, and deals with motherhood — all while being in the public eye. 

In 2010, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick began the blog-now-mega-media-brand, “The Skinny Confidential,“ and hasn’t looked back since. 

Her non-stop, go-get-it attitude is truly admirable. She’s currently setting up a new home base, being a mom, and delivering incredible content to her fanbase daily — and she still finds the time for breathwork!  She reveals her tips for streamlining your workflow and gives us a peek into her daily life as a businesswoman, mother, and life-long learner. Lauryn makes sure every day counts, especially now she’s a mother to her gorgeous one-year-old daughter, Zaza. She also candidly shares how she dealt with the growing pains of becoming an entrepreneur, her daily battle with mom guilt, and adjusting her habits for motherhood. 

Her attitude is a blast of fresh air and is sure to inspire you to uplevel your routine and make every day special and unique.

Show Notes:

  • Lauryn started her blog 13 years ago as a resource to share her own experience and what she is interested in

  • As her brand grew, Lauryn had to learn to delegate and be a leader and she did that through her own research listening to books and Googling her questions

  • Lauryn batches her work to keep her efficient, and she has everything she needs to get done scheduled in her calendar, she uses habit formation practices inspired by Atomic Habits

  • To balance parenting and work, Lauryn blocks out separate time for everything and her calendar is color coded to keep it straightforward and easy

  • Lauryn stays very conscious of the content that she is consuming and makes habits to improve what that content is

  • Prioritizing value to the audience respects their time and attention

  • Wim Hof breathing is great for mental clarity

  • Inulin fiber power is a great prebiotic that Lauryn uses daily

  • Prioritizing a peaceful space for raising their family led Lauryn and her husband to move to Austin from LA

  • Stoicism has helped Lauryn control her own response and perspective when things are difficult

  • Lauryn practices body love by making time for healthy habits, making her home a sanctuary, and drinking plenty of water

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