Light up your Mitochondria with Dr. Lisa Koche

Light up your Mitochondria with Dr. Lisa Koche



Functional doctor and mitochondria expert Dr. Lisa Koche shares her inspiring life story, healing journey, and biohacking insights that will optimize your health and performance.

Dr. Lisa Koche has been on a lifelong mission to dissect the root cause of physical ailments and mental dis-ease. Her clinic, Spectra Wellness, offers a broad spectrum of healing modalities that transform cardiovascular health and performance. 

Today we delve into how her adolescent healing trajectory informed her holistic methodology and the practical baby steps you can adopt for your body and mind to “get lit” and break free from fatigue and exhaustion.

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Koche battles childhood leukemia which led her to begin approaching her own health from a holistic perspective

  • Dr. Koche has used muscle testing for prevention and healing, it's a practice without science backing it, but it uses the reflexes of the body to shift the energy field

  • Gluten is a very common issue that contributes to gut issues, often cutting it out for a few weeks makes a big difference

  • Mitochondria are the engines in our cells, they combine electrons and oxygen to make ATP in our bodies

  • Mitochondria do well with natural light and aligning with circadian rhythm

  • You can help trigger the formation of new mitochondria with light therapy and adopting a keto or low carb diet, blue light blocking glasses are a great way to start filtering out artificial light

  • Red light therapy is the use of a device that emits red light which can help form new mitochondria, increase focus, and increase mitochondrial function

  • Eating keto can train your body to make more mitochondria, and it doesn't need to be done long term

  • You can increase the hydration of your water by drinking lemon water or reverse osmosis water

  • Meditation is the ability to just be, and it gives you a place of calm to receive wisdom


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