Never Be the One to Say No to Yourself with Liz Moody

Never Be the One to Say No to Yourself with Liz Moody



Liz Moody is an author, editor, and podcaster who believes that healthy foods should be a tool to enhance our lives, rather than restrict them. She’s written two cookbooks, "Healthier Together" and "Glow Pops." She used to serve as the food director for mindbodygreen, the health and wellness powerhouse website, but she’s stepping out on her own and completely transforming the ownership she has over her life, her health, and her career. She makes it all look so easy — though she admits it’s not — and tries to make it feel just as easy to her readers.

Show Notes:

  • Liz has journeyed through anxiety over the years. She emailed people she had "no business" contacting to compile research insights to help herself and others

  • Liz’s advice for dealing with anxiety is to build structure within your day and give yourself consistency

  • Try out different types of meditation if you feel like one type isn't sticking 

  • Working out can be so helpful for anxiety and overall mental health 

  • One of Liz’s health tips is try taking your probiotic at night right before bed

  • Liz’s eating philosophy is to eat the things you really love and give yourself the space and time to enjoy those things; eat mindfully

  • Gather your wellness information from a few trusted sources rather than mindlessly collecting information from a bunch of places across social media

  • Liz did a vedic meditation course, she found it can be helpful to have a mantra to focus on and guide your meditation practice 

  • When meditating, focus on the process of bringing your mind back to focus rather than being a perfect meditator 

  • Liz prefers to wake up without an alarm, aligning with her circadian rhythm 

  • Liz drinks a green smoothie while reading non-fiction, a habit she stacked together based on Atomic Habits by James Clear 

  • Intentionally setting up your day and making time for projects that feel more concrete and long term can help combat the burnout of constantly churning out quick content 

  • Having a specific gratitude practice trains your brain to look out for the positive in each day  

  • Never be the one to say no to yourself; take chances because you never know what can come from it

  • It can be freeing to live more minimally during this time and to not be as tied to timelines or planning for the future 

  • Our health is our wealth, and 2020 made us appreciate that even more!


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