Earn Your Health & Heal Yourself with Dr. Mary Pardee

Earn Your Health & Heal Yourself with Dr. Mary Pardee



Gut and hormone health specialist Dr. Mary Pardee explains the science behind the digestive issues within our GI tracts and offers long-term solutions and information on chronic illness.

Today’s guest Dr. Mary Pardee brings a grounded, research-based approach to help clients achieve optimal health. Her mission is to be the doctor she never had when she was suffering from IBS symptoms, and she received no clear exit strategy from traditional medicine.

In this educational episode, we delve into the broad spectrum of GI tract issues that plague so many Americans today and contemplate the long-term fixes to ease your digestive state. Dr. Mary taps into all avenues for healing, always asking the “why” behind the symptoms, with a holistic buffet of alternatives ranging from nutrition, mindfulness, and light exercise to the latest technological advancements. 

Show Notes:

  • Dr. Mary struggled with IBS, bloating, and reflux from a young age, which eventually led her to functional medicine

  • Dr. Mary believes in a root cause approach, she focuses on chronic conditions rather than acute pain or issues

  • Her practice most commonly treats IBS, ulcerative colitis, and Chron's, which see often sees combined with mental and emotional health struggles

  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a common issue where motility changes cause overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestines. Dr. Mary is a big fan of testing to align the proper treatment approach with the type of bacteria that is causing the gut distress

  • Stress, anxiety, and trauma can all manifest in gut issues, and Dr. Mary likes to meet her patients where they are emotionally, and often refers out to additional mental health care as needed

  • With some patients, an elimination diet helps to identify foods triggering gut issues or heal the gut from inflammation

  • “Leaky gut” is a misleading term, and Dr. Mary prefers to examine gut permiability. This is when the cells in the gut are misaligned, and can let food particles through the gut lining, causing inflammatory issues

  • Fecal Microbiotica Transplants (FMT) are a new treatment for certain chronic intestinal issues, and they can lower the reoccurance rate of specific inflammatory responses


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