Optimizing Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise with Max Lugavere

Optimizing Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise with Max Lugavere



Health genius, Max Lugavere, catches up with me for a geek out over the current life hacks we’re obsessed with and the different ways we’re giving our bodies and brains a much-needed boost. 

Since we last spoke, Max has been sleeping – a lot! He shares his super easy formula for a great night’s sleep (you’re going to need nasal strips and mouth tape). We pick apart the new sports hobbies he picked up during the pandemic and why jump rope and boxing are now part of his new normal. Of course, I couldn’t miss the chance to talk about nutrition and the core ingredients on his plate, keeping him at his genius best.

Show Notes:

  • Max is focusing heavily on sleep lately to help regulate his endocrine system and boost brain health

  • Sleep is crucial for metabolic health, poor sleep can lead to increased insulin levels, brain fog, and increased inflammation

  • For great sleep, Max recommends making your bedroom as dark as possible

  • Cool temperatures (around 66 degrees F) aides in sound sleep

  • To deepen sleep quality even further, Max uses nose strips at night to open his nasal passage and he uses mouth tape to encourage breathing solely through the nose

  • To keep cool at night Max uses a Chillipad

  • Max plays brown noise through his Amazon Echo device each night to drown out exterior sound

  • Max is utilizing resistance training and boxing in his training routine and he uses a weighted backpack while hiking or walking

  • Max seeks to balance his usage of technology while prioritizing in person connections and boundaries away from technology

  • Max prioritizes quality protein sources, health fats, and plants in his daily diet

  • Max’s fundamentals for Sleep


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